Global Credit Fund


Updated 13 December 2018


To achieve maximum total return by investing in global non-treasury fixed interest securities, and to seek to preserve capital through prudent investment management.

Investments Held

A diversified portfolio of predominantly investment grade bonds including corporate, mortgage and asset-backed securities.


Fund Overview

Seeks attractive returns from high quality corporate bonds

Combining PIMCO’s forward-looking macroeconomic outlook and extensive bottom-up credit research, the fund helps investors take advantage of opportunities in higher-quality corporate bonds.

Why Invest In This Fund

Attractive total return potential

The Fund aims to provide investors with greater income potential relative to government bonds and cash, as well as more income and less volatility in returns when compared to equity.

Flexibility to enhance returns

The Fund has the ability to broadly diversify across industries, issuers and regions of the corporate bond sector and can seek to add value through investments in high quality government bonds, mortgages and foreign bonds.

Extensive credit resources and research

Employing a disciplined approach to credit research, the Fund accesses PIMCO’s team of more than 50 bottom-up credit investment professionals and utilises top-down, bottom-up and valuation screens to identify what we believe are the most attractive opportunities in global credit markets.

Investing in the bond market is subject to risks, including market, interest rate, issuer, credit, inflation risk, and liquidity risk. The value of most bonds and bond strategies are impacted by changes in interest rates.

Our Expertise

Supported by PIMCO’s robust credit resources

The Fund not only accesses PIMCO’s world class team of credit investment professionals across the globe, but also a team of over 50 credit analysts, sector specialists with wide-ranging expertise who independently analyse every credit security held.


Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate ex Treasury Index hedged into AUD


Bloomberg Barclays Global Aggregate Ex Treasury Index hedged into AUD is an unmanaged market index representative of the total return performance of ex Treasury major world bond markets on a AUD hedged basis. It is not possible to invest in an unmanaged index.







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Robert Mead

Co-head of Asia-Pacific Portfolio Management

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Mark R. Kiesel

CIO Global Credit

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Yields & Distributions

Historical Prices & Distributions

Latest Dividend Distribution ($ Share)1 as of 27/09/2018 $0.00150
Dividend Distribution (FYTD) as of 27/09/2018 $0.00150
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1Distribution is paid quarterly in March, June, September and December.

Fees & Expenses

Total Annual Management Costs %2 0.61%
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2Management costs quoted are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and net of any Reduced Input Tax Credits (RITC) at the prescribed rate, which is currently either 55% or 75% (depending on the nature of the fee or expense).


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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Fund performance is quoted net of fees and expenses and assumes the reinvestment of all distributions but does not take into account personal income tax.