TRENDS Managed Futures Strategy Fund


Updated 23 May 2024


The Fund seeks positive, risk-adjusted returns, consistent with prudent investment management.

Investments Held

Futures contracts and other derivatives providing exposure to pricing trends in the global financial and commodity markets.



Fund Overview

The TRENDS Managed Futures Strategy seeks to provide positive returns when investors need them the most, particularly during equity market downturns, by capturing momentum across equities, fixed income, currencies, and commodities.

Investor Benefits

Return: Attractive potential return in a low-return world

Independent: Seeks to profit from market moves in any direction

Crisis alpha: Aims to provide diversification during risk market sell offs

Why Invest In This Fund

Adapting quickly to new trends

This helps to increase diversification benefits, because our shorter-term trend windows aim to quickly respond to changes in markets.

Getting the most out of the biggest trends

We scale up positions when trends are strong, and reduce them if trends are weak. This may increase performance when trends are strong, potentially leading to higher returns.

Actively managing collateral

A core PIMCO proficiency, actively managed collateral provides an additional source of potential alpha for investors. There are no hidden fees on collateral management.

Incorporating forward-looking macro insight into research

Insights from our time-tested macroeconomic investment process are incorporated into model design, acknowledging that the future may not look like the past.

All investments, including investments in managed investment schemes such as the Fund, come with a degree of risk. Risks associated with this Fund include, but are not limited to, Derivatives Risk, Model Risk, Leveraging Risk, Commodity Risk, Equity Risk, Interest rate Risk and Management Risk. For further risk information associated with the Fund, please read the Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement.

Service Providers

There has been no changes to the key service providers, related party status of the Fund, the Fund’s risk profile, the Fund’s strategy and the investment team.


Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bills Index


The Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bills Index is an unmanaged index representative of the total return performance of Australian money market securities. It is not possible to invest in an unmanaged index.


Annually with Daily Accrual








Matt Dorsten

Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Strategy

View Profile for Matt Dorsten

Graham A. Rennison

Quantitative Portfolio Manager

View Profile for Graham A. Rennison

Yields & Distributions

Historical Prices & Distributions

Latest Dividend Distribution ($ Share)1 as of 30/06/2022 $0.08377
Dividend Distribution (FYTD) as of 30/06/2022 $0.08377


1Distribution is paid annually in June.

Fees & Expenses

Total Annual Management Fee %2 1.5%


2Management fees quoted are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) and net of any Reduced Input Tax Credits (RITC) at the prescribed rate, which is currently either 55% or 75% (depending on the nature of the fee or expense).
In addition to the Management Fee there may be other fees and costs associated with an investment in this fund. For a detailed explanation on fees and costs please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement


All data as of

All data as of

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Fund performance is quoted net of fees and expenses and assumes the reinvestment of all distributions but does not take into account personal income tax.

Fiscal Year Returns %

All data as of

Growth of $10,000 (hypothetical)

Morningstar and Lipper


Performance figures presented reflect the total return performance after fees and reflect changes in share price and reinvestment of dividend and capital gain distributions on the payable date. All periods longer than one year are annualized.
Monthly YTD return is from the most recent calendar year end.
Growth of $10,000 is calculated at NAV and assumes that all distributions were reinvested. It does not take into account fees or the effect of taxes. Results are not indicative of future performance.


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Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the funds carefully before investing. Before making an investment decision investors should consider whether the information contained herein is appropriate in light of their particular investment needs, objectives and financial circumstances and any relevant offer document. Investors should obtain relevant and specific professional advice before making any investment decision. The information contained herein does not take into account the investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular investor.