More people than ever are responsible for funding and guiding their own retirement savings, particularly as the availability of defined benefit plans continues to decline and the Aged Pension in its present form remains under question. Yet many do not have the time or expertise to manage their retirement assets appropriately.

Recent experience – including steep losses in some retirement portfolios in the wake of the financial crisis – has shaken investor confidence in equity-centric, “just stay the course” approaches. In fact, by focusing solely on maximising returns during the working years, many people have taken on excessive risk, especially near and during retirement.

PIMCO believes there’s a better way to reach retirement goals, whether an investor is investing through a public offer retail or industry super fund, self-managed super fund or another investment option. Rather than aiming for extreme wealth as an end result, it’s about managing retirement assets in an effort to build and preserve sustainable purchasing power in retirement. It starts with having a better understanding of the risks in a portfolio and deploys a broad asset diversification that takes those risks into account.

Recognising the difficulties superannuation funds, advisors and individuals face, PIMCO offers extensive thought leadership and investment strategies to help investors through professionals as they prepare for all stages of retirement planning, from the working years to the transition to and through retirement.

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