Higher bond yields today create greater opportunity tomorrow

History has shown that starting yields for bonds can be a strong indicator of future returns. So now is the time to consider increasing your bond allocation.


Why Now?

After significant repricing in 2022, bonds now offer investors the chance of earning the highest real yields in a decade as we approach the peak of the monetary policy cycle. At the same time, the market is signaling that a downturn is coming, reinforcing the case for holding bonds due to their defensive properties.

Fund Information

PIMCO Australian Bond Fund

Offering potential for income, capital gains, diversification and a hedge against volatility in higher-risk asset classes, including equities.

PIMCO Diversified Fixed Interest Fund

Seeking to harness the best opportunities in fixed interest in Australia and across the globe with low expected volatility and potential for income and capital gains.

PIMCO Global Bond Fund

Offering exposure to global fixed income opportunities to provide diversification away from domestic assets and the potential for enhanced returns.

PIMCO Income Fund

A flexible multi-sector strategy that aims to provide a consistent income stream and a focus on risk management.

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