2017 Guest Speakers

Featured Expert

Lawrence H. Summers 

Former Secretary of the Treasury in the Clinton Administration, Director of the White House National Economic Council in the Obama Administration, President of Harvard University and Chief Economist of the World Bank

Featured Expert

Tali Sharot 

Author, Neuroscientist and Director of the Affective Brain Lab, London

Featured Expert

The Honorable Newt Gingrich 

2012 Republican Presidential Candidate and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (1995–1999)

Featured Expert

Ian Bremmer 

Author and President of Eurasia Group

Featured Expert

Raghuram Rajan 

Governor, Reserve Bank of India (2013–2016); Chief Economist and Director of Research, International Monetary Fund (2003–2006), Distinguished Service Professor of Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Author

Featured Expert

The Honorable Gary Locke 

U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China (2011–2014), Secretary of Commerce (2009–2011) and Governor of Washington (1997–2005)

The Role of the Secular Forum

The Role of the Secular Forum

Secular Portfolio Construction Video

How Our Secular Outlook Informs Portfolio Construction


Global Advisory Board

The PIMCO Global Advisory Board is a team of five world-renowned experts on economic and political issues.


Historical Guest Speakers

At every Secular Forum, distinguished guest speakers—Nobel laureate economists, policymakers, investors and historians—bring valuable, multi-dimensional perspectives to our discussions.


2016 Secular Outlook

PIMCO’s Secular Outlook identifies the trends we think will drive the global economy and markets in the next three-to-five years.



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