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COVID-19 Market Update – Thursday, June 4th

  1. The week’s sharp rally in global equities paused on Thursday with stock markets in the U.S. and Europe modestly lower while Asian markets were little changed. Credit spreads were generally tighter as U.S. IG spreads ended the day below 150bps, capping a tightening of over 190bps since U.S. IG credit spreads peaked at 341bps in late March. Brent crude oil prices also continued to gain, ending the day just shy of $40/barrel
  2. The ECB expanded its QE program as it announced an extension to the end of 2021 with an additional 600 billion euros of planned purchases. The larger than expected announcement led to tightening in European periphery yield spreads – particularly the spread between Italy and Germany
  3. The U.S. yield curve continued to steepen as the spread between the 5yr and 30yr rates reached its widest differential since 2016. The curve also steepened in Germany

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Cyclical Outlook: From Hurting to Healing

Our baseline economic forecast is a U-shaped global recovery, but substantial unknowns remain.

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Post-COVID Economy: Not the Way We Were

Post-COVID Economy: Not the Way We Were

Post-COVID Economy: Not the Way We Were

The COVID-19 crisis is likely to accelerate many underlying, secular disruptive forces already affecting economies and financial markets. This may only increase the difference between those companies, sectors, and countries that are being disrupted, and those that are acting more like disruptors. Distinguishing between the two is becoming crucial.

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Funds that can help manage the effects of volatility on investment portfolios.

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Guiding Your Clients Through Turbulent Markets

Factoring in the Human Factor

How can Behavioral Finance help us in turbulent times? When it comes to making decisions, we’re much less rational than we think:

What are Biases and Why Are They Relevant?

Investor Education

Information is key to making successful investment decisions. Expand your knowledge of fixed income and global markets:

Everything You Need to Know About Bonds

The What, Why and How of Investing

Answers to investor questions on market volatility: What is it? Why is it happening? How should I respond? Make sense of market volatility:


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A library of timely economic and market charts that you can download, save and share:

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Ask PIMCO: Bonds and Market Volatility

How did bonds perform during the market volatility of Q1 2020? Find out what happened in March and why bonds delivered a positive return over the quarter.


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