Capital Securities Fund


Updated 19 September 2019


To seek to provide focused exposure to attractively priced Capital Securities together with a maximum total return, consistent with the preservation of capital and prudent investment management.

Investments Held

Predominantly invests both directly and indirectly (via other funds) in subordinated debt instruments issued by banks, insurance companies, and other specialty finance companies.


Fund Overview

Capitalising on a global de-leveraging and re-regulation trend

The Capital Securities Fund is a global approach to subordinated debt instruments issued by banks, insurance companies and other specialty finance companies. As the global banking sector continues a multi-year process of deleveraging, the market environment remains conducive to the appreciation of these securities.

Why Invest In This Fund

Diversifying Australian bank exposure

The global banking industry is undergoing a generational paradigm shift, and the latest developments on Australian banks’ capital adequacy requirements from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) are an unequivocal sign this shift has reached Australian shores. Capital securities offers an opportunity for investors to diversify their concentrated Australian bank exposure by harnessing a diversified global opportunity set.

A compelling opportunity set

Capital securities issued by global financial companies can be an attractive opportunity relative to both high yield bonds and equities. PIMCO believes the strong fundamentals of the banking system, the influence of regulation, and compelling valuations are supportive of attractive long-term total returns within the sector.

A high conviction portfolio

The Fund is managed on an unconstrained basis. The absence of a typical fixed income benchmark emphasises the exposure to PIMCO’s highest conviction ideas within the global financial sector. This highly-focused, “top picks” approach allows PIMCO to allocate across the capital structure based on PIMCO’s assessment of relative value and avoid undesired exposure to banks which could lose capital value.

Investing in the bond market is subject to risks, including market, interest rate, issuer, credit, inflation risk, and liquidity risk. The value of most bonds and bond strategies are impacted by changes in interest rates.

Our Expertise

Deep dedicated team of financial sector experts

PIMCO’s time-tested investment process combines macroeconomic analysis with extensive bottom-up security selection. The fund’s dedicated global financial sector team employs proprietary credit research to identify the strongest conviction financial securities across the capital structure globally.


Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bills Index


The Bloomberg AusBond Bank Bills Index is an unmanaged index representative of the total return performance of Australian money market securities. It is not possible to invest in an unmanaged index.







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Portfolio Manager, Global Head of Financial Research

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Portfolio Manager, Capital Securities and Financials

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Portfolio Manager, Capital Securities and Financials

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