Institutional Investors

PIMCO works extensively with a wide range of Australian and New Zealand institutional clients, providing tailored investment management with the benefit of PIMCO's global and local investment experience. Beyond PIMCO’s suite of pooled funds, institutional investors can access a wide range of strategies which employ the firm’s proven investment process to help our clients capture the best opportunities in all market environments.

PIMCO’s dedicated consultant relations team works closely with domestic and global consultants to share ideas and insights as we design holistic investment solutions across a broad range of strategies and objectives to best serve our mutual clients.

PIMCO offers solutions to meet the investment management needs of corporations and also provides insights into the trends affecting companies. We work with a wide range of clients with diverse objectives, providing investment management for superannuation plans, corporate cash management, advisory services, asset allocation and risk management solutions.

Educational Institutions, Foundations and Not-for-Profit Organisations
PIMCO offers dedicated resources to educational and not-for-profit clients, managing endowment and foundation investments across a range of strategies and objectives. We manage operating funds and liquidity needs, superannuation plans, and also provide asset allocation and risk management solutions for an evolving investment environment.

Financial Institutions
PIMCO manages investments across a range of strategies and objectives, specifically tailored to the diverse needs and complexity of financial institutions. We offer investment management, asset allocation and risk management for Insurance institutions and banks.

Government Organisations
PIMCO offers state and federal governments and other public institutions investment management solutions designed to strengthen balance sheets and meet their funding targets. Our Australian team works with these organisations to assess their needs for risk management, transparency, liquidity and asset allocation strategies in an evolving investment environment.

Superannuation Plans
Since 1997, PIMCO has been working with Australian superannuation plans to meet the investment management needs of these institutions. PIMCO’s experience of working with Australian superannuation plans provides us with deep understanding of the issues faced by these institutions today. This understanding, coupled with our domestic and global market knowledge, means our clients are better placed to meet the investment objectives of their members.

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