Australian bonds remain a staple in many Australian client portfolios. Due to their relatively high quality and proven track record in providing diversification benefits amongst risk assets, an allocation to Australian bonds forms a key part of a core defensive bond allocation. Additionally, Australian bonds remain a diverse universe to achieve strong yields compared with cash investments at relatively low risk.

PIMCO have been managing dedicated Australian fixed Income portfolios for over 15 years, over which time PIMCO have demonstrated a proven track record of outperforming both benchmarks and peers in Australian fixed interest. PIMCO’s approach to Australian bond investing employs multiple concurrent strategies and takes only moderate risk in each, thereby seeking to reduce risk of poor performance arising from any single source. PIMCO’s Australian fixed income funds and mandates are managed locally from the Sydney office, however remain fully integrated into PIMCO’s global team. This approach involves a unique blend of domestic expertise and global coverage. We believe that this approach – combining global macroeconomic, top-down views with bottom-up research and analysis from local experts – hits the sweet spot for finding attractive investment opportunities in Australian fixed interest. The Australian team consists of sector specialists and generalists, with experts in every sector of the Australian bond market.

PIMCO is one of the largest Australian bond managers and offers a range of Australian-biased funds, including broad exposure funds, funds that combine global exposure and sector specific offerings.

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